Adidas has launched new all-round sports app ALL DAY in the US, offering fitness fans a holistic approach to help build a stronger, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle.

After giving a sneak preview of the app back in March, Adidas has released ALL DAY to American customers this week on both iOS and Android devices.

The app takes a 360-degree approach to fitness looking at four key areas including sport, sleep, nutrition, and mindset.

ALL DAY offers tips and insights in each of these areas, as well as featuring a range of leading experts to provide their own professional advice via a library of what adidas calls Discoveries.

 Discoveries will offer a program of daily ideas, practices, and routines to improve existing workouts or provide ideas for new ones, so users can mix up their fitness and keep it fresh and motivating.
Some of the names offering their help include yoga instructor and runner Adriene Mishler with 5-minute yoga sessions to boost performance, wellness chef Candice Kumai with tasty but healthy recipes, DJ Nina Las Vegas with one-hour music tracks to help you fall asleep faster and for longer, and celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk with body weight and high intensity interval training workouts.
And like all other fitness apps, ALL DAY also tracks active minutes, steps, distance, and calories to give you a daily overview of your activity, and allows you to self-log extra workouts including gym sessions or a yoga class for a full record of your fitness achievements.
ALL DAY is now available for free for iOS and Android devices in the US and will roll out to other countries beginning this fall.