FACEBOOK is down and not working leaving thousands of users unable to access the popular social media site.

Facebook is currently down with thousands of users across India, U.K. and Europe currently unable to access the service.

The issues appear to have began just after 9;10pm IST this evening.

Down Detector. which monitors outages, is currently showing thousands of reports.

One user has posted a message saying they are simply seeing a white screen when trying to load Facebook.

Whilst another has confrimed: “Nothing loading for me either. Blank page.”

Users have also flocked to Facebook’s big rival Twitter to report issues with the service this afternoon.

One user tweeted: “FACEBOOK IS DOWN”

While another said: “Ugh Facebook is down and it’s my day off. This is a travesty.”

And one added: “Seriously, @facebook ? You need to get this mess fixed. #facebookdown”.