Huawei Is Giving Out Power Banks To Apple Fans Queuing For The iPhone XS & It Has A Message

People have already started to queue up for the iPhone XS and Apple fans are even ready to spend the night waiting in line.

However, Apple fans who were stationed outside the store were greeted with a surprise by another smartphone maker — Huawei

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In a brilliant yet snarky marketing gimmick, some people were spotted wearing Huawei shirts and handing out free power banks to hundreds of Apple fans in line. This was first reported by tech360 and here’s what they posted:

Huawei staff were spotted giving out free powerbanks to Apple fans queueing overnight for the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max in front of the Apple Store along Orchard Road. Well played, Huawei!

Posted by on Thursday, 20 September 2018

According to sources, approximately 200 power banks were handed out to people in the line. Here are some of the images shared by Huawei:

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© Twitter

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