NEW DELHI: Based on the recent few leaks and rumours that have surfaced online, it’s it’s being believed that Motorola is planning to launch numerous smartphones — Moto Z2, Moto Z2 Force , Moto X (2017), Moto E4 , Moto C and Moto C Plus soon. Now, some new information has come up about a seventh smartphone, likely to be the Moto Z2 Play.

The rumoured Moto Z2 Play has showed up in an image obtained by TechnoBuffalo website. The image clearly shows the front, side and back panels of the smartphone. If true, the Moto Z2 Play will sport a slightly different design and build as compared to its predecessor.

This time, Lenovo-owned Motorola could be streamlining the design of the rumoured Moto Z2 Play with the rest of the Moto Z lineup. The smartphone is seen in the image having reduced thickness, similar to that of the Moto Z . This also raises doubt as to whether the device will come with a 3.5mm audio jack or not. The current Moto Z Play has the 3.5mm audio jack.

The alleged image of Z2 Play also shows a wider Moto G5-like pill-shaped fingerprint sensor at the front. This is a departure from the square-shaped fingerprint sensor that we’ve seen in the Moto Z, Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus and Moto Z Play.

 As for the Moto mods support, the rumoured Moto Z2 Play is expected to support the same Moto mods as its predecessor. A front-facing LED flash is visible as well, while the rest of the design stays the same.