NEW DELHI: Instagram introduced Snapchat-like ‘Stories’ last year and since then has been constantly upgrading the feature, making it more competitive with rival apps. Its wide use by people and implementation across platforms like Facebook, has also forced video-sharing titans like YouTube, introduce something similar. However, today, we will be talking about the Stories feature on Instagram only.

If you are an Instagram user, you are likely to be familiar with the fact that those creators who are posting Stories on the image-sharing site can see who have viewed their stories. The list is shown at the bottom corner as soon as you open your Stories post.

But what if we say you can view it anonymously without letting the creator know about it?

Mind you, this feature has not been launched natively on the platform and it doesn’t make sense to do so as it kills the whole purpose connecting with your followers. So you need a third-party support to perform such tricks.

A developer named Alec Garcia, understanding the needs of such users who wish they had an option to view/stalk other’s Instagram Stories anonymously, has made a Chrome Extension lets them do exactly that. The extension was first spotted by The Next Web and here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Go to Chrome Web Store and click on ‘Extensions’

Step 2: Search for ‘Chrome IG Story’ extension by Alec Garcia.

Step 3: Click ‘Add to Chrome’ button placed on top right corner.

That’s pretty much it.

After the extension has been installed, you will an eye icon by your Stories, clicking on which will enable ‘Anonymous Viewing’ mode. Not only this hides your name but also doesn’t show if someone has even viewed the story or not.

It is worth adding that you can make use of it as much as you can because it is likely that Instagram will be blocking this soon if it spots more people using it.