Best Places to Visit in Kullu and Manali Part – 2

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It is already 2018 and with the tourist season on the peak, We are back with our Holiday Travel Guide.

For all those wondering that what is the use of adding a Travel Section on a Tech Website – here’s our explanation “We know that you all are pissed off seeing your favourite Youtubers vlogging on the hill stations. and YouTube is something related to technology so here we are with our Travel Guide.”

Kullu and Manali are a place that has been admired by Travellers since ages even the great sages came here to meditate and relax.

In this list, we will include some of the best places of Kullu including some of the places featured in our previous thread that we feel still deserve to be in the list(Although all of them deserve to be in the list!).

For those who don’t know much about Kullu and Manali – Kullu is the capital town of the Kullu district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north of the airport at Bhuntar. Manali is a town of the Kullu district, with a total population of around 30,000. The place has a rich culture and heritage as it is known as the home of Saptarshi.

Here we have brought the list of some of the best places in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh that should be visited by you at least once in a lifetime.

Shangarh, Sainj

This is a delightful spot for a quiet holiday and for complete communion with nature. A comfortable forest Rest House is available on the spot. Magnificent view of the surrounding peaks can be had from hereafter 4 Km walk one wonders into the dense green forest of pines. Although very much secluded, the place is much liked by the trekkers, sportsman and nature lovers.

Shangarh in Winters

Shangarh is mini Gulmarg also base point for trekking. You cannot find such a clean and secluded place anywhere. The Place is easily accessible partially by road.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley sometimes also called Solang Nala derives its name from the combination of words Solang (Nearby village) and Nullah (water stream).

It is a side valley at the top of the Kullu Valley 14 km northwest of  Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass and is known for its summer and winter sport conditions. If you are an adventure loving person this place is not less than heaven for you.

The sports most commonly offered are parachuting, paragliding, skiing and zorbing. Giant slopes of lawn comprise Solang Valley and provide its reputation as a popular ski resort. A few ski agencies offering courses and equipment reside here and operate only during winters. Snow melts during the summer months starting May and skiing is then replaced by zorbing (a giant ball with room for 2 people which is rolled down a 200-metre hill), paragliding, parachuting and horse riding. The place is easily accessible by road. You can hire taxies from Manali or even avail the newly started electric bus from Manali itself.

Old Manali, Manali

Located 3km to the bustling town of Manali is the quiet little settlement Old Manali and is also home to the backpacker and hippie travel crowd and is located at an altitude of around 6,589 ft above sea level.

Old Manali is easily approachable from Manali by foot. The 3 km uphill walk does not take more than 20 minutes on an average. It is a lot less crowded and has plenty of foreign backpackers and travellers who stay there for weeks if not months. There are plenty of backpacker cafés and restaurant which serve really some tasty food.Old Manali also has an ancient temple dedicated to sage Manu.

Undoubtedly, Old Manali is the best part of Manali!

Parvati Valley, Manikaran

Image Source, Credits: Anubha Bisht. Anubha’s Instagram: @anooba_beast

Parvati Valley is situated in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. From the confluence of the Parvati River with the River Beas, the Parvati Valley runs eastwards, through a steep-sided valley from the town of Bhuntar, in Kullu.

The precipitous valley road climbs past a side valley leading to the village of Malana near the famous tourist spot Kasol. From here, the road passes through the Sikh and Hindu pilgrimage town of Manikaran and terminates at Barshaini. It is the last place as far as where the road goes in Parvati Valley. It is only 14 km beyond Manikaran and the road is constantly kept company by the Parvati river. Barshaini is a small village but it has all basic facilities including a medical shop, some guesthouses and dhabas, and a taxi stand. The trail to Kheerganga, Tosh and the trio of Kalga-Tulga-Pulga all starts from Barshaini. From Barshaini, the walking trail begins; it is a 30-minute walk to the villages of Kalga, Tulga and Pulga. The path diverges from the overbridge built over the Parvati river. The villages and their houses are visible amidst lush fields and trees. There are dramatic views of clouds over the valleys under the gaze of snowy peaks.

Parvati valley is a place full of adventurous and enjoyable activities, from hot springs to camping and trekking at Kheerganga, from attending trance parties to riverside hot springs there are plenty of activities to do in Parvati Valley.

Jalori Pass and Seruvalsar Lake, Banjar

This is the place that we are featuring again This Place is a Paradise for Nature Lovers and Trekking freaks. Seruvalsar is a high altitude lake which is located in the district Kullu. It is about 3,100 metres (10,171 ft) above the sea level. This lake is surrounded by thick forest cover. You can avail various means of transport till Jalori Pass, but to reach Seruvalsar Lake you will have to complete a 3 hours trek. The lake is almost 10 – 15 kms from Jalori Pass but the mesmerising beauty and the thick forest cover will make you forget all your tiredness and you will enjoy each and every moment of your life!


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